Some misconceptions

Sometimes, when a functional RAP problem arises, certain misconceptions are associated with it that we have to combat. Some of these are shown below:

Idea 1: “Since there is no medical proof/cause of our child’s pain, it means he is inventing it”

Most children do not invent pain. Rather than investigate whether the pain is real or not, or trying to find its cause, it is important to know what factors sustain the situation and learn strategies to address it.

Idea 2: “I’m sure our son says he has pain to get our attention”
Many factors can influence pain in children. Wanting attention may be one, but rarely is it the only factor that explains the pain.

Idea 3: “Our daughter’s pain is a psychological problem”
Factors of a different nature (emotions, thoughts, physical factors, etc.) can affect children’s pain. Pain problems are not just physical or psychological, but are the confluence of many different factors.

Idea 4. “We will never find a solution”
You can learn new ways to cope with the pain and help your child cope with the pain. We can give you some tips on this website.

darreraactualitzacio: 06/06/2020 15:42h