Basic ideas for coping with RAP

About 30-40% of patients and their families are able to cope with RAP without needing specialized care once they understand the following points:

  • First of all, we must acknowledge the pain as real. Although it is oriented as a psychological and not an organic symptom, the child feels the pain.
  • It is a benign disorder. Even though it is a chronic process, it does not imply a risk to the patient’s life or risk of surgery for this reason.
  • It is essential to resume normal daily life and recover normal activities. The resumption of activities (school and extracurricular) is intended to distract the brain from being aware of the pain.
  • It is recommended that the child follow a varied and balanced diet, with daily fruit and vegetables, and to prioritize unrefined grains and avoid excessive sugar consumption.
  • Triggers and secondary gains should be avoided (or addressed).

You can learn new ways to cope with the pain and help your child cope with the pain. We can give you some tips on this website.

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