Distract yourself when there is pain

Three ways in which people can be distracted when they have pain are:

1. Do something you like that requires attention: the possibilities are endless and depend on the interests and tastes of each person. They can include things like playing a computer game, watching a movie, playing a musical instrument, going for a walk, etc.

Practice a mental game: do activities likes counting from 100 to 0, mental calculations, games with letters (for example, make lists of words that begin or contain a certain letter), etc.

3. Imagine something or a situation you like: you can relax and then imagine a scene or situation that you like and that makes you feel good, such as your favourite place or a special day. The most important thing is to add as much detail as possible to the scene or situation imagined.

darreraactualitzacio: 08/06/2020 13:06h